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Family on the Loose: Travel Fun for Parents and Parenting Ideas for Travelers

Family on the Loose is for travelling parents who believe it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive*.  Our mission is to help you spark a passion for adventure, a love of cultural differences, and a vision of global responsibility in your children … without missing any of the fun of a trip well-taken.

Traveling with your kids can be more rewarding than any traveling you have done before.  It’s a new adventure for everyone.  Kids will be full of energy, inquisitive, excited and surprisingly brave.  They will open up new cultural doors for you as strangers ask them questions, storekeepers speak to them in broken English, and local children invite them to play on the playground.  As in other aspects of your life, kids will shed new light on things you might otherwise have only seen through the dulled lens of adult experience.

“To travel hopefully is better than to arrive.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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