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Peanut Butter

The couple of inches of snow that were here when we arrived have mostly melted, but we’ve survived several windy -5 degree C days.  Very cold when standing at the naschmarkt, but not too bad walking to and from the tram.

Our apartment is surprisingly nice, the girls are settling into their schools (though Logan’s kindergarten is more of a daycare than she’d like), and Ashley has taught a class already.  We have opportunities to go to two balls, though I don’t have anything in the wardrobe that is appropriate.  The one for Fulbright scholars has waltzing lessons a few days prior.  And I’ve already been invited to go skiing.

We just got back from dinner out where we’re still figuring out the menu, like a typical schnitzel can feed the family and 10 euros really means $15.  I’ve been in at least 6 different grocery stores in the week we’ve been here, I’m always looking to see if they have peanut butter.  I don’t really crave it yet, but I want to be ready.  Two tram stops down and up the street is shop that has a few small jars of smooth Skippy.  As long as my craving doesn’t start on a Sunday I should be OK.

Auf viedersehen!

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