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Why You Should Enroll in a Camp Away from Home

There are so many cool camps for kids and only a small fraction are commuting distance from your home.  Why not enroll your kids in a camp while on vacation?  In Seattle there are unique opportunities for sailing and boat-building at the Center for Wooden Boats or rock music at the Experience Music Project.  Boston has a sports broadcasters camp and there are plans for a history camp at the newly re-opened Philadelphia History Museum.  Where is there a better place to study US history?  Chicago International Children’s Film Festival has a film-making summer camp.  Of course, some camps are full day but many camps are half-day or even just a few hours per day.  Find cool camps wherever you’re going by searching the Internet for your destination or directly visiting the well known museums and attractions at your destination.  Note that camps are popular for spring break too.  Kids can learn about something they would never be able to learn about at your own home and parents can be tourists at their own pace, take a course themselves, work, exercise, or maybe just relax and read a book.

We signed our girls up for camp at the Mendenhall Glacier this week. They learned Wilderness Survival Skills including map and compass, shelter-building, making a fire, and using a knife.  They met local kids from Juneau and learned all sorts of new camp songs.  And, ah, the glacier!  Pretty cool.

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