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How many teddy bears, favorite stuffed animals, or blankies have been left on board and lost forever?  Too many!  They slip between the seats when kids are sleeping, get tucked into unexpected places, or get missed during the hubub of gathering adult valuables and cranky kids at the end of a long flight. It’s a tragedy you should do everything to avoid.  Grab a luggage tag at check-in, fill it out, and attach it to the bear, rabbit, or blanket corner. If it doesn’t attach naturally, use a safety pin. Even if you have already written your name and phone number on this item (which you should do!), the tag will get folks’ attention. When you fill out the tag, write “Best Friend – Please Return” or some other note that will tug at the heart of even the grumpiest airplane cleaning staff.  Include all your contact information for the next week.  Hopefully, your child will be quickly reunited with her friend.

This post inspired a story on Mampedia about why we’re so careful to tag stuffed “security” animals, Tale of two Bunnies.  Here’s a photo of me, Ashley, with Bummy taken approximately 40 years ago.


You can find Mimzy all over this website and even on the back of our book.  Here’s Mimzy on Long Beach, WA a few years ago and also visiting The Czech Republic just last Spring.



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