Really “Look Inside”!

We haven’t been too impressed with Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature.  All they display is the Table of Contents, Section One page header, About the Author … none of the really good stuff!  Here is a real look inside our bookFamily on the Loose: The Art of Traveling with Kids.”

2 Responses to Really “Look Inside”!

  1. Hi, you just started following me on Twitter, and that led me to you. I LOVE the subject of your website, and the site itself. I am very interested in your book as well and plan to purchase it today. I too am writing a book, mine is on international home exchange; which is how my family manages its cultural travels. I think your readers may be very interested in international home exchange. I have already posted an article called “Familes and International Home Exchange – A Perfect Match”, that they might find very interesting. I’m following you now on Twitter too!

    Kerry Ascione, The Trusting Traveler

  2. Great idea! We just got back from a big trip so still resurfacing. Maybe you’d be interested in a guest post here about home exchanges for families? Let’s chat …