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Teen Travel: Costa Rica!

My trip to Costa Rica

This Spring Break, I went to Costa Rica with my friends from Spanish Immersion – we have been studying Spanish together since Kindergarten and we took the DELE (The Spanish fluency test taken in college) in May. This was sort of a good-bye trip before we separate to different high schools next year. It had been the topic of conversation for months, we were going zip lining, kayaking, rafting, hiking to a volcano, etc. I was all for it, but I’m a very cautious person and I was secretly terrified of having to be responsible for myself in a 3rdworld country. I’ve traveled a lot and everywhere but this was my first real trip that was just my friends, some parent chaperones, and me. As I started to pack, it dawned on me how dangerous and how risky this trip would be. I mean, we had to bring special meds for every possible situation! I also can’t swallow pills so my meds were different from everyone else’s. As soon as I

Sunset from the night hike at one of our first stops.

got to the airport and saw all my friends and how calmly the chaperones handled situations, I immediately stopped worrying and enjoyed the trip. Sure, I almost peed I was so scarred lifting my feet off the ground and letting my self go, zipping down the zip line but that was the funnest thing I’ve ever done. I also worried about loosing stuff since I couldn’t just blame it on my sister like I normally do and everything was pretty much new and expensive.

Some things that really helped me be more comfortable traveling alone were: I talked over the itinerary with my mom over and over so I basically knew it by heart and wouldn’t be surprised or caught off guard, I went to the travel

We made frequent stops during the bus rides. This is the Caribbean Ocean which was one of our first stops.

doctor and got all my information about medicine and diseases from a firsthand source so I would know what to do if something happened, and I did a little research on the culture and history so I would have a little background and not be totally confused.

The orphanage where we helped out at for a day.

Sure, I was with friends, but we all had different medicine, information, clothes for the hot weather, interests, and fears so I really had to stand up for what I was comfortable with. I’m a very careful person so I made sure that I wasn’t holding back or not doing anything just because I was terrified but also that I

The local market that sold all locally grown, tropical fruit.

wasn’t putting myself in danger. My mom had drilled me with how to say no so I was prepared.

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  1. I am deeply touched and amazed at Zoey’s openness and insight into her feelings and awareness about her preparation for the trip, her use of that prep while there to get herself through any shakey parts, a d her maturity In enjoying the success of her efforts! What a wonderful report!

  2. Wow, Zoey! This is an awesome report and i’m happy that you had the opportunity to see this great country! What comes next? Happy 14th birthday and best wishes from Vienna, Rafi