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Parents who travel a lot are always on the lookout for great advice on travelling with their children. And nowhere is this information bundled together so well as in Ashley Steel’s and Bill Richard’s new book. “Family on the Loose” is packed with advice and information on how to make travelling with children more pleasant.” – The European Mama

Point-by-point advice along with reproducible checklists and activity sheets enrich this “must-have” reference and resource for family vacations!” – MidWest Book Reviews

… aims to help families cultivate the next generation of global citizens through travel, is packed with practical and fun tips for surviving and thriving with kids on the road. ” –

After reading Family on the Loose, I have a renewed confidence that we will be able to travel again as a family. What I love about the Family on the Loose book: practical, informative, straightforward, comprehensive, and thorough; easy to read, as if you’re having a conversation with your friend about traveling … –

I have to say, if you are planning your first big vacation with kids — especially your first overseas — this book is a must-read. It is extremely easy to read (I breezed through it in one evening), yet packed with good advice, helpful lists, fun game ideas, and copyable worksheets. –

For older children, there are some great ideas and templates for creating fun activities related to museums or cities or other parts of a trip – I’m sure in the future I’ll use the scavenger hunt ideas and probably have fun doing it too. ” – Not A ballerina

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Topics covered in this book include … flexibility while traveling, re-entry to the real world post-trip, and even how to enjoy your hometown and appreciate it as if you were a tourist there! …. This is a book that can grow up with your kids!” – Growing My Kids Reviews

…go-to guide for traveling with kiddos doles out printables, checklists, hints and ideas to make traveling easier on you and more fun for the kids.” –

…extremely comprehensive, with information on everything from how to pick a destination to how to budget for it, to how to create genuine interest and enthusiasm in your kids.” –

I think it is in the book’s subtitle that its genius lies. Traveling with children involves as much energy and creativity as making art – and when it’s done well, it can shape your children in ways that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.” –

“This book is told from an educator’s AND a parent’s perspective – the definitive guide to family travel. It’s full of excellent suggestions that will change your life. It will open the world to your family in a way that you never thought possible. And, it will chart a new course for your family – and your kids, and their lives. It’s that powerful.” – BlogCritics.Com

It’s not only a guide to family travel – it’s a complete guide to being an interesting, engaged, and intercultural family.” –

“A family travel Bible, of sorts” and “Over the course of about 190 pages, the book takes a comprehensive look at every aspect of family travel…” –

We sent a review copy to a travel blogger who took it on a 130-hour bus ride in India.  Her story made it to the Huff Post Books. “Richards and Steel motivate me with their choices to voyage on long trips with multiple children and the way they create meaning for each member of their clan.”

I’ve been checking out a new book called Family on the Loose that does a good job of answering any questions you might have and answering a whole lot of others you should have had. It’s a thorough, well-organized book that leaves no travel stone unturned.” Tim Leffel’s


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