Traveling with Kids – Food and Candy from Around the World

IMG_9296MultiCulturalKids a group of writers excited about raising multicultural children is hosting a video discussion circle in which we ask and anwer each other’s questions about traveling with kids.  The circle starts off with Olga from European Mama asking about travel secrets and then Leanna at AllDoneMonkey wonders about fun travel detours.  Ours was definitely an unexpected overnight in Memphis TN on New Year’s Eve – yes you can get BBQ delivered in a pink Cadillac!.  Then Michelle at Mother Tongues asked us about food and candy – a favorite subject in our family.  Watch our video answer about traveling with kids – food and candy around the world.

The conversation goes on at BilingualkidsRock where Olen answers our question about travel “equipment” that saved the day.  TrilingualChildren, InspiredByFamily, MarocMama, MultilingualMama, JourneysOfTheFabulist, and ThePiriPiriLexicon all contribute.  Jump in anywhere to enjoy listening in, thinking about traveling with kids, and meeting these interesting folks.

American Toilet Candy

Click to watch our video answer about travel and candy

3 Responses to Traveling with Kids – Food and Candy from Around the World

  1. Nice video! Love how your food souvenirs have led to travels at home. And that your cat gets to join in :) .

  2. Love your answer to my question! Now I know that others also bring back lots of candy from trips: our suitcases are usually stuffed with candy, but also Marmite, Chutney, Rooibos – all the things not easily bought here. Never heard of Fish Floss – great story!

  3. Ashley, so fun to see you in person! And I love how you have used food and drink as a way to extend the trip once you are home. You’ve given me some ideas for our next trip!

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