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Seattle Scavenger Hunt

Planning a visit to Seattle?  Or do you live in Seattle and want to enjoy a downtown day with your kids?  Our awesome photo scavenger hunt will keep your kids walking, happy, and engaged!  Actually adults like it too.  It’s just plain fun and helps anyone enjoy the details of our fabulous city.

The area covered by our scavenger hunt is the downtown core.  Walk on 1st Avenue between Pike’s Place and Pioneer Square.  As a round trip, you will want to come back along 3rd with short detours to see the library and the opera hall.  End up at Westlake Center and take the monorail to Seattle Center.  You’ll capture all the pictures within this route.  You can get off at Seattle Center (no photos there – makes for a long day) or buy a round trip ticket in advance and just enjoy the ride.

For best results, give your kid (or spouse, fiance, or friend – like I said, adults love this too!) a copy of the 2-sided scavenger hunt with pictures.  Print a copy of the two-sided answer sheet for yourself.

Perhaps offer a reward such as a hot chocolate or a latte when 14 photos are tagged.  Ice cream and/or beer when you get 25 photos!  Note that it’s pretty challenging to find all 29 because it’s easy to miss one or two along the way and no one wants to retrace their steps just to tag a photo.  Aiming for something a bit less than 100% will make for a more successful outing.

Seattle Scavenger Hunt

Seattle Scavenger Hunt – Answer Key

Where can you find this in Seattle?

Like this scavenger hunt?  We have a different version that works in any city in our book.  We’re planning to make a similar hunt for Boston and maybe add a page three for Seattle Center.  If you like this or if you find errors or sources of confusion, please leave comments!


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  1. This is a really fun way to explore the city of Seattle! I think the kids would really enjoy something like this as well. Thanks for sharing! It sounds like a great time!

  2. Taking my three boys to explore Seattle tomorrow. Was just about to sit down and MAKE a scavenger hunt for them. It’s so great to find the work is already done for me! These kids LOVE a good hunt so I know we will have fun. Thanks!

  3. Excellent. Even I love scavenger hunts. I hope you and your boys have a great day. Have fun and let us know how it goes!

  4. No. We have one in the book that works everywhere and I’m working on one for Boston. Sure kids like these but adults have fun with them too! So glad you like it. Let us know if you make one for Atlanta!

  5. Our son and his fiance are getting married in Seattle this summer. It will be a destination wedding for most of the guests. (about 150). Any ideas of how we could incorporate a scavenger hunt like this into the trip, ending at the reception?

  6. OK – that sounds like a fun wedding! Put scavenger hunt photos on the invitations or as inserts. You can have fun stops along the way for adults like pre-paid beer at Pike’s Place Brewery, famous molten chocolate desert at Seattle Art Museum, and make guests take photos of other guests doing weird things … on the pig, getting “hammered”*, kissing a Starbucks lady etc. Enjoy! *The Hammering Man is a famous statue and you could get under the hammer for a photo op