Teen Travel: Costa Rica!

My trip to Costa Rica

This Spring Break, I went to Costa Rica with my friends from Spanish Immersion – we have been studying Spanish together since Kindergarten and we took the DELE (The Spanish fluency test taken in college) in May. This was sort of a good-bye trip before we separate to different high schools next year. It had been the topic of conversation for months, we were going zip lining, kayaking, rafting, hiking to a volcano, etc. I was all for it, but I’m a very cautious person and I was secretly terrified of having to be responsible for myself in a 3rdworld country. I’ve traveled a lot and everywhere but this was my first real trip that was just my friends, some parent chaperones, and me. As I started to pack, it dawned on me how dangerous and how risky this trip would be. I mean, we had to bring special meds for every possible situation! I also can’t swallow pills so my meds were different from everyone else’s. As soon as I Read more »

Wildlife I Saw in Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier Camp

  • Bear


  • Moose

Boat tour-Seward

  • Dalls porpoise (pod)
  • Humpback whales (x3)
  • Sea Otters (x3)
  • Stellar Sea Lions (whole herd)
  • Tufted Puffin
  • Horned Puffin
  • Bald Eagle
  • Coastal Black Bear
  • Harbor Seals (x2)

Denali National Park

  • Moose (x4)
  • Moose Calfs (x2)
  • Wolf
  • Lynx
  • Dalls Sheep (3 separate herds)
  • Golden Eagle
  • Arctic Ground Squirrels (x5)
  • Grizzly Bear (x2)
  • Caribou (x2)
  • Chick-a-dee
  • Red Fox (x3)
  • Mew gull (x2)
  • Grouse