Teen Travel: Costa Rica!

My trip to Costa Rica

This Spring Break, I went to Costa Rica with my friends from Spanish Immersion – we have been studying Spanish together since Kindergarten and we took the DELE (The Spanish fluency test taken in college) in May. This was sort of a good-bye trip before we separate to different high schools next year. It had been the topic of conversation for months, we were going zip lining, kayaking, rafting, hiking to a volcano, etc. I was all for it, but I’m a very cautious person and I was secretly terrified of having to be responsible for myself in a 3rdworld country. I’ve traveled a lot and everywhere but this was my first real trip that was just my friends, some parent chaperones, and me. As I started to pack, it dawned on me how dangerous and how risky this trip would be. I mean, we had to bring special meds for every possible situation! I also can’t swallow pills so my meds were different from everyone else’s. As soon as I Read more »

Teen Travel: South Africa!

Me at Boulders Beach, a beach known for it’s odd shaped boulders (of course) and the thousands of penguins that inhabit it

As our own children transition from infants to kids to teens, we are becoming more and more interested in the teen perspective on travel.  What are the best ways to prepare for a trip and what kinds of experiences are most memorable?  A great example of a teen trip well taken is our friend Fiona’s recent adventure in South Africa.  Fiona is 13 and, while she was traveling, she wrote a fabulous blog about her adventures.  We enjoyed reading all about her trip so, when we caught up with her over the holidays, we asked her some questions about her trip, about how much she had prepared, and about what she learned and enjoyed most.  Read more »