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Culture On Board: Enjoying your Airline Experience

ENJOYING YOUR INFLIGHT EXPERIENCEThe first time we really noticed culture on-board was on a flight from the USA to Austria via Austrian Airlines.  Instead of waiting 9 hours to arrive in a new country, we stepped instantly from Washington DC into Austria as we boarded the plane.  The Austria-red outfits (including somewhat shockingly red nylons), the classical music, and the Austrian-German accents put us instantly in a traveling state of mind.  They served Ottakringer beer, a delicious light beer made at a Viennese brewery, and Almdudler, something like Ginger Ale and known informally as the national drink of Austria.  We were in the air, but we were in Austria too.  I don’t remember that they served Wiener schnitzel but they just might on some special flights. Read more »

Tag Teddy

How many teddy bears, favorite stuffed animals, or blankies have been left on board and lost forever?  Too many!  They slip between the seats when kids are sleeping, get tucked into unexpected places, or get missed during the hubub of gathering adult valuables and cranky kids at the end of a long flight. It’s a tragedy you should do everything to avoid.  Grab a luggage tag at check-in, fill it out, and attach it to the bear, rabbit, or blanket corner. If it doesn’t attach naturally, use a safety pin. Even if you have already written your name and phone number on this item (which you should do!), the tag will get folks’ attention. When you fill out the tag, write “Best Friend – Please Return” or some other note that will tug at the heart of even the grumpiest airplane cleaning staff.  Include all your contact information for the next week.  Hopefully, your child will be quickly reunited with her friend.

This post inspired a story on Mampedia about why we’re so careful to tag stuffed “security” animals, Tale of two Bunnies.  Here’s a photo of me, Ashley, with Bummy taken Read more »

Seat Mates

Seattle skyline – Taken by my seat mate on my last flight

Inflight, I’ve met fabulous people.  It’s a funny phenomena.  A few years ago, I sat next to a man about my age and, during a long delay, we discovered that we both gave a lot of Powerpoint presentations.  We passed the time by opening up random Powerpoint presentations on our laptops and sharing them with each other.  How geeky is that?  And, who would have guessed that I could have found a seatmate so like-mindedly geeky?  

I’ve had four more strikes of good luck recently.  First , a young PhD student in environmental engineering traveling home from a college reunion.  Next, an undergraduate returning from an invited Microsoft recruitment event.  She loved it and was hoping for a job when she graduated.  My last flights were particularly lucky.  Coming home from North Carolina a few weeks ago, I sat next to a mother of 5 who home schools all her children.  We are such different people that we might never cross paths during our regular life but, on board, we found philosophical connections and exchanged parenting advice.  I gave her our website and hope she takes a look.  On the very next flight segment, Read more »

Education in the Air: What your kids can learn by looking out

Pictures of Earth from space are always impressive.  We gain perspective, learn geology, see our own hometown in a new way, and maybe even pick up a little geography.  On your next plane flight, why not spend more time looking out the window with your kids?

What you see will depend on both when and where you are.  If you get a cloudy day, too bad.  There’s not too much you can do about that.  But on clear days and nights, you can see the world from your Read more »