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Boston’s North End – Family Travel at Its Best



Stunning and delicious, Boston’s North End is a family-travel paradise.  Wander Hanover Street to enjoy Italian sweets such as canolies, anise cookies, and luscious gelato.  Find gourmet coffee, fresh-spices, and imported delicacies down busy, narrow side-streets.  It’s simply fun to walk around Read more »

Traveling in Time – no, seriously!

Looking for a new travel dimension?  We heard about a local Renaissance Faire from a Groupon and decided to give it a whirl.  $20 family pass, 30 minute drive – what could there be to loose?  We saw singing, juggling, jousting, a working blacksmith, a pickle vendor with a little cart, dragons galore,

and a soda pub – buy one cool blue bottle of cream soda and get refills all day for a buck – sarsaparilla, root beer ….  I don’t imagine we’ll be buying corsets, fairy costumes, or pirate paraphernalia anytime soon (not sure what those things have to do with the Renaissance though they were all present at the Faire), but we had a great time and were inspired to think about other possible options for traveling in time instead of space.   We’ll start cheap and easy and then wander further away ….

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