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The Bunny Pancake

The Bunny Pancake

I first started making pancakes when the kids were really little, in animal shapes with chocolate chips melted in for the eyes, nose, and mouth. There was Mickey Mouse, the Easter Bunny, and Clifford the Big Red Dog, but they were basically variations on the same theme. Over time I tried all the various kinds of pancake mixes, and “won” the pancake basket at one of the kid’s preschool fund-raising auctions. I used white chocolate, mint chocolate, dark chocolate, and butterscotch chips. We quickly tired of basic “syrup” and became conversant in the various grades of maple syrup. One Christmas some friends gave us a waffle maker which further diversified my repertoire. Every Saturday morning I was ritually mixing batter. Sometimes there was bacon. Read more »

Taipei with Kids – 10 Wacky Experiences in the First 10 Hours

IMG_8164We’ve been in Taipei just over 24 hours now.  We stayed up for the first 14 hours straight and then finally slept.  Ah, glorious sleep.  When we planned this trip, we were hoping to set up a Taipei with Kids writing opportunity.  There’s not a lot out there on the subject.  Is 1 day really enough to say anything?  Well, within 10 hours, we accumulated quite a few funny and “educational” experiences plus a few “rules” for enjoying Taipei with kids.

1. First stop was breakfast at a little hole in the wall restaurant.  They took one look at us and handed us some sticky, laminated menus.  One had American food.  The other listed Chinese breakfast items.  Rule #1: Stick to the local specialties.  We ordered breakfast crepes with egg and bacon, egg and pork, and egg and corn.  All were delicious!  And the milk tea for the kids arrived in a sealed cup that we Read more »

Inviting the world to stay – Part 2

Jacobo at Pikes Place market, Seattle


Eva wasn’t our first in-home travel experience.  A few years ago, we hosted a 21-year-old boy from Columbia.  He arrived in the middle of the night, looking very foreign, and clutching a bag of fast food take-out.  “Oh boy” I thought.  “What have we gotten ourselves into?”  We had to communicate by writing everything down for the first few days but we were able to communicate better by the second week.  His mother ran a restaurant so he made us a few absolutely delicious Columbian meals.  Read more »

Inviting the world to stay – Part 1

Eva carving her first pumpkin

What’s the mirror image of a trip around the world?  Hosting international guests.  You experience the trip from the other side.  International guests teach you about their culture (and also about yours).  They can expand your way of thinking, help you learn a language, introduce you to new foods, and become lifelong friends.  Sure, hosting takes time (and some money).  Why do you think there haven’t been any posts for five weeks?  But, as a host, your kids stay in school, you don’t have to buy plane tickets, deal with jetlag (much anyway), book hotel rooms, and you can keep your job.  Why not consider it?

Eva, our recent guest from Hungary flew home yesterday morning.  She was only here for five weeks and was busy training in karate much of the time.  Yet, her spark made the time fly by and she was quickly incorporated into the fabric of our family.  The first week, she started calling me “Mom” and referring to our girls as “sisters”.  At first I was taken aback … I am so not old enough to have a 23-year-old daughter.  But, I grew to love it.  Last night, she called Bill “Dad”!  She was better than a sister for our girls.  She had insight into their psyche that only everyday familiarity can extend; yet, no sibling rivalry. Read more »