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Traveling Hopefully in Budejovice


The backstreets of České Budějovice.

In half a year of living in Vienna in 2008, we were able to take small European vacations in every direction – Ljubljana, Venice, Salzburg, Krakow, Bratislava, Budapest.  But we never went to the Czech Republic.  It was right next door and it had Prague!  Ashley had been there in the early 90s so she always lobbied to go someplace that was new to her.  Finally, four years later, she was ready for a revisit, partly because of my lobbying and partly to meet a colleague with common teaching interests.  Ashley’s colleague was not actually in Prague.  He was in České Budějovice, South Bohemia, part way between Vienna and Prague.   A quick Internet search revealed a big and beautiful old town square.  And the town’s name in German is Budweis, as in Budweiser beer.  I needed little convincing to schedule a stop there on the way to Prague. Read more »

Budweis: The Beer from Here

After over 30 years of being a consumer of beer, I have never been a fan of big American brews. I’ve given them every chance. After learning the fundamentals of beer drinking in high school in Canada, I tried all the kinds of American beer at college in central New York. There are some stories to be told about all of those years, but I’ll leave it that I was not impressed with beer south of the border. I eventually moved to the Pacific Northwest before the microbrew revolution, but didn’t care for Rainier or Olympia. I even tried making beer several times before the kids.

And just last month I was at a major league spring-training baseball game in Read more »