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Small Differences

More from Austria:

The cars seem ready to stop on the streets of the city.  A pedestrian could step off the curb, a car could pull out from a parking space, a tram could turn quickly into traffic, but the drivers of the cars always seem to stop without a tantrum or blown horn.  It is a good thing. Read more »

Sore feet and sausages

Of course I’ve heard about balls, Strauss, and waltzing, but it was always through a corrupting American filter.  I learned how to waltz in gym class in fourth and fifth grades, but it was more about not contracting cooties from the girls than about where I was supposed to put my feet.  I also slaved through a few years of piano lessons where I may have butchered a simplified Strauss song.  But while my parents also tried to get me to respect the classics, I didn’t know the difference between “the father” and “the younger.”  And finally, a few years back, I can remember hearing that Paris Hilton was invited to a ball in Vienna, but I had a hard time reconciling the idea with my image of Cinderella. Read more »