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Seven Fun Things to Know About Traveling in Austria with Kids


Austria is one of the best places in the world to live with or travel with kids.  There are information booths to help families find fun activities, the streets are safe, and the public transportation system is fantastic.  There is music, art, delicious food, lakes, and stunning mountains.  And there are plenty of guidebooks to help you get around.  But, here are a few tips for a great experience that you may not find in a traditional guidebook. 

1) In Germany, you may be greeted by “Guten Tag” as you learned in German 101 or even the relatively Read more »

The Hair of the Smokey Dog

Some more cultural observations from Vienna:

From my own personal experience I know that there are many ladies in North America that augment the color of their hair.  I’ve heard that the number of women who periodically dye their hair there is amazingly high, but I never paid much attention because, except for a few noticeable cases of angst, the overall goal of the dye-job is to make it look reasonably natural.  That is not the case here in Vienna!  Sure, there are still the teenagers with protesting heads of blue and green, but there are also seventy year-olds with funky patches of orange, fifty year-olds with not-quite-natural shades of red, thirty year olds with streaky multi-colored mixes, and women of all ages in their obviously-not-so-natural basic black.  And the hottest current color and all-time favorite, or maybe the one that stands out the most to me, is the bleached blond.  Sometimes Read more »