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Packing cubes

OK, ok, OK …they are expensive and seem silly but I love them.  They decrease the volume (but, sadly, not the weight) and they keep everything organized.  When the kids were little, each kid got one small “cube” and they stuffed in all their shirts, PJs, underwear, pants.  What didn’t fit in the little cube, didn’t go.  At each stop, they got their cube and returned their cube … they were proud and independent.  We had one less hassle.  Buy them at stores like REI, travel stores, luggage stores, or on-line.  (Yes, you can buy these too at Amazon).

Tiny Books

I love Annick Press books.  They’re good stories, they cost $1-$3 each, and they are tiny.  You can fit an entire library in a sandwich bag.  You can request them at your local bookstore and they are sometimes carried on Amazon.  Search for Annikin or Annikin Edition.

Inexpensive engraveable ID bracelets

Check out https://makemethis.com/ for great id bracelets.  You can let you kid pick the design for the front and then you can add hotel phones, friend phones, cell phones to the back.  Get more than one for a long trip with many destinations.