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Ten Tiny Tips for Terrific Travel

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1. Before you leave home, throw a half dozen empty sealable plastic baggies of different sizes into your luggage.

2. Pack a toothbrush and travel tube of toothpaste in your carry on. Read more »

Boston’s North End – Family Travel at Its Best



Stunning and delicious, Boston’s North End is a family-travel paradise.  Wander Hanover Street to enjoy Italian sweets such as canolies, anise cookies, and luscious gelato.  Find gourmet coffee, fresh-spices, and imported delicacies down busy, narrow side-streets.  It’s simply fun to walk around Read more »

Travel Book Club

travel-book-clubOur book is being read by the Multicultural Kid Blogs Bookclub this Spring and we’re having fun hearing all the reactions and new ideas from readers.  Join the conversation at any of these great blogs or on the Google+ Discussion Board and watch for new posts on the other chapters.  So far what I’ve learned is that we are NOT the only family to bribe their kids, repeatedly, with afternoon ice cream.  Some things really are universal!

And check out all the cool stories at the link-up on the bottom of the bookclub page, where you can link up your own travel story or travel tips post.  Thanks multicultural kid bloggers for a fantastic literary adventure.  No authors could ask for more!

Newark (EWR) – 4 hours of it!

 You’ve got your kids.  You’ve got your carry-ons.  And, you miss your connecting flight … now you’ve scored four glorious hours at one of America’s classic airports.  Jackpot!!  First stop, something to eat.  We started at Ruby’s Diner.  It’s a fun experience if you want a burger and some really yummy french fries.  The only remotely healthy food on the menu is a Caesar salad.  However, in the front case they sell cups of fruits, little packages of cheese cubes and grapes, and a yogurt parfait.  “Everybody loves parfait.”

 OK, now you’ve blown one hour and you want to make the best possible use of the next three.  This is a great time to get started on next spring’s science project.  Few venues offer such an easy opportunity to collect mountains of scientific data Read more »

Travel in Your Own City

What is so fun about waking up in a foreign city with a guidebook, a wide open day ahead, lots to see, time for an ice cream, and a few select adventures on the agenda?  It’s hard to put your finger on it but, it’s fun and educational and family-bonding, and even relaxing … all in one.  Why not do it at home?  Dig out the guidebook you keep for guests (or invest in an up-to-date guidebook) pick a part of the city you rarely visit (maybe a spot with a cultural theme?), identify something interesting or odd or toursity to do there, pick a museum you’ve never visited on the other side of town, and scan the restaurant reviews for something quintessential but not too spendy (and where Read more »

Everything Alaska

Even the ice cream cones have native art!