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Culture in Threes

About a month ago Ashley went down to the main opera hall to see about some cheap tickets.  She was figuring that we might as well expose the kids to some high culture here in the heart of high-culture land, now that we have two balls in our dancing shoes and our composer of the month is about to change from Beethoven to Mozart.  As she was in the process of purchasing some cheap seats (for 9 euros apiece) for Madame Butterfly, supposing it an appropriate beginner opera for the girls (and me too), she was offered an even better deal for a ballet.  It seems that in a promotion to allow kids access to the ballet they offer some kid’s seats for 15 euros apiece.  And knowing that kids don’t usually come alone, they offer accompanying adult tickets for only 7 euros apiece.  The deal sealer is that they have kid’s seats in the front row of a box, with the parent’s seats just behind. Read more »

Wine and ice skates

We’re slowly figuring out Vienna: wine houses (heurigans), opera tickets, city views from cafe’s up on the hilltops, and ice skating.  There is the best ice skating set up I have ever seen in front of the town hall (until mid-March) with 3 rinks and trails of ice between.

First Vienna Impressions

We’ve been in Vienna just about a month.  We arrived to a terrific apartment.  We are lucky to have met a friend in Seattle with an apartment to rent for exactly these 6 months (while they are in Seattle working for Microsoft).  It’s near an old village, Grinzing, which has now been somewhat absorbed by the city as it bumps into the foothills that surround Vienna.  We can jog into the city or up into the vineyards.  Of course, the Viennese have strategically placed a wine house on the top of every hill with a good view. There are also lots of local wine houses, heurigans, in our part of town.  Some are pretty touristy but we are slowly discovering the more authentic and cozy places. Read more »