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Blast from the Past

There really are windmills in The Netherlands.

There really are windmills in The Netherlands.

The whole third section of our book is devoted to reinforcing the memories of a trip well taken and exploring the cultural diversity offered in your own hometown.  But what I neglected to include in those chapters is the memory boost offered by electronic blasts from the past.  Every couple of months I get an e-mail message from Nederlands Openluchtmuseum.  Even before I open it, it brings me a little smile.

Making paper at the Openluchtmuseum.

Making paper at the Openluchtmuseum.

Back in 2007, when the kids were seven and four, we took the whole family to The Netherlands for a scientific conference.  On an off day we took a train and a bus to a museum that was supposed to be fun for kids while documenting the everyday cultural heritage of the region.  We had a great afternoon walking through the period buildings of the “Open Air Museum” and interacting with people in period costumes doing traditional labor like milling grain or smithing. Read more »

Family on the Loose’s Inside Scoop on Visiting Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg has to be America’s quintessential educational family travel destination.  It’s like Disney for the NPR-crowd. Kids have fun and think they are on vacation.  Almost accidentally, they learn about American history by watching and interacting with characters in costume.  We had a great time but found it challenging to get our arms around the entire experience.  There is too much to do in a short visit and yet I’m not sure parents or kids are likely to enjoy more than a few days at a time.  Based on our recent visit, here are a few insider tips to help your family have a blast.

Colonial Williamsburg might also be one of the most photogenic places on Earth.  We hope you enjoy a small sample of the five zillion photos we took while visiting. Read more »

Traveling in Time – no, seriously!

Looking for a new travel dimension?  We heard about a local Renaissance Faire from a Groupon and decided to give it a whirl.  $20 family pass, 30 minute drive – what could there be to loose?  We saw singing, juggling, jousting, a working blacksmith, a pickle vendor with a little cart, dragons galore,

and a soda pub – buy one cool blue bottle of cream soda and get refills all day for a buck – sarsaparilla, root beer ….  I don’t imagine we’ll be buying corsets, fairy costumes, or pirate paraphernalia anytime soon (not sure what those things have to do with the Renaissance though they were all present at the Faire), but we had a great time and were inspired to think about other possible options for traveling in time instead of space.   We’ll start cheap and easy and then wander further away ….

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