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Neck Pillows: Baggage or Brilliant?

My kids were gifted some kid-sized neck pillows full of pleasing beans and sand.  I was worried about one more thing to drag around.  Nope!  These are super because they make reading a lot more comfy and they give an air of luxury to an otherwise dull plane flight.  Would I take them on a 3 month trek across Asia?  Nope.  Will I bring them on the next cross-country trip to see relatives?  Absolutely!  They get plenty of use between flights on the bed at home too.

Babies, boobs, and airplanes

 Flying with a baby might seem intimidating, but it’s a lot easier than flying with a toddler.  Babies don’t cry particularly loudly, they don’t want to get up and run around, they don’t kick the seat in front of them, grab germy handrails, order sugary drinks, play loud video games, drop their toys, or say embarrassing things about other people very loudly.  In exchange for a little milk, they will lie peacefully through the whole ordeal. 

On my first flight alone, breastfeeding was pretty stressful.  First, I was seated next to an older woman who asked that I move.  I don’t know why exactly  but she was clearly not at all interested in observing any feeding or changing activities close up.  Not interested at all!  I was then re-seated next to a young guy in a fancy business suit.  “Great” rattled sarcastically in my head.  I started to wiggle around, trying to figure out how I would ever discreetly feed this baby who was now making motions and noises that were definitely not discreet.  The man looked at me, smiled, and Read more »

Best Plane “Gifts” for Under-3’s

  • Crayola color wonder markers and paper – draw on paper, not on the plane
  • Stickers with a slick-paged sticker book – so you can re-use the stickers later
  • Finger puppets – with quiet voices :0

Packing cubes

OK, ok, OK …they are expensive and seem silly but I love them.  They decrease the volume (but, sadly, not the weight) and they keep everything organized.  When the kids were little, each kid got one small “cube” and they stuffed in all their shirts, PJs, underwear, pants.  What didn’t fit in the little cube, didn’t go.  At each stop, they got their cube and returned their cube … they were proud and independent.  We had one less hassle.  Buy them at stores like REI, travel stores, luggage stores, or on-line.  (Yes, you can buy these too at Amazon).

Tiny Books

I love Annick Press books.  They’re good stories, they cost $1-$3 each, and they are tiny.  You can fit an entire library in a sandwich bag.  You can request them at your local bookstore and they are sometimes carried on Amazon.  Search for Annikin or Annikin Edition.