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Go Rodeo!

The rodeo in Twisp, WA held on Memorial Day and Labor Day is a family-friendly, culturally-wonderful, local event that should not be missed!  The rodeo includes real cowboy action (bull-riding, barrel racing, calf-roping), cowboy-kid events like mutton-busting (small tykes falling off sheep), and all-kid events such as rock-collecting, stick-horse racing, and chicken catching.  There is always a horse drill team as well, riding in formation and carrying flags to piped in country music.  “Scotty-so-hotty” was the rodeo clown this past Memorial Day and he brought his son into the arena to swing his lasso for the crowd whenever possible.  Sometimes you can also catch a glimpse of a rodeo princess decked out in rhinestones and flashy cowgirl boots.  It’s dusty, it’s usually sunny, it’s a cultural adventure, and it’s real entertainment at its best.

The rodeo starts at 1pm both Saturday and Sunday of both holiday weekends and runs until 4 or 5pm.  You can arrive anytime and leave anytime that’s convenient for you.  Bring a blanket and sunscreen to enjoy a view from the grassy arena steps.  Hotdogs and cold pop are sold every year.  This year there was also a homemade sno-cone fundraiser.  There is a parking fee of about $20 for a family of 4 and lodging of every sort is available in Twisp and Winthrop.  You can make it a round-trip drive by taking Hwy20 over the North Cascades Pass in one direction and crossing over I-90 or Rt2 in the other direction.  If your kids haven’t gotten enough cowboy or sugar at the rodeo, don’t miss the sweet shop and ice cream in downtown Winthrop where you can sit on a stool made from a horse saddle and watch mini-golf one floor below.


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