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Music Education on the Road

We think about cultural and historical education when we’re on the road with kids. We remember to take our kids to art museums, historical landmarks, and famous icons. But what about music? Music differs all over the world, it’s everywhere, and it’s often free. It’s something that can be hard to find time for at home so take advantage of being on the road to expand your child’s vision of what music means.

There are street musicians in almost every tourist hotspot around the world, local concerts, special cultural performances, and musical history. Try saving some focus for street musicians on your next trip. They’re in fairly predictable places so plan a visit and take some time Read more »

Sore feet and sausages

Of course I’ve heard about balls, Strauss, and waltzing, but it was always through a corrupting American filter.  I learned how to waltz in gym class in fourth and fifth grades, but it was more about not contracting cooties from the girls than about where I was supposed to put my feet.  I also slaved through a few years of piano lessons where I may have butchered a simplified Strauss song.  But while my parents also tried to get me to respect the classics, I didn’t know the difference between “the father” and “the younger.”  And finally, a few years back, I can remember hearing that Paris Hilton was invited to a ball in Vienna, but I had a hard time reconciling the idea with my image of Cinderella. Read more »