Ten Tiny Tips for Terrific Travel

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1. Before you leave home, throw a half dozen empty sealable plastic baggies of different sizes into your luggage.

2. Pack a toothbrush and travel tube of toothpaste in your carry on. Read more »

Vienna’s New Optical Illusions Museum


Tucked just a block off the popular Graben walking street, and behind Meinl, a luxury grocery store worth browsing for hours on end, is a brand new optical illusion museum.  There is nothing particularly Viennese about the museum but it’s interactive, surprisingly educational, and a lot fun.  This new museum is an ideal spot for ‘tweens and teens in need of a little independence, puzzling, and funny photos to share with friends.  It also provides a nice contrast to the many more traditional art museums in Vienna. Read more »

Seven Fun Things to Know About Traveling in Austria with Kids

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Austria is one of the best places in the world to live with or travel with kids.  There are information booths to help families find fun activities, the streets are safe, and the public transportation system is fantastic.  There is music, art, delicious food, lakes, and stunning mountains.  And there are plenty of guidebooks to help you get around.  But, here are a few tips for a great experience that you may not find in a traditional guidebook. 

1) In Germany, you may be greeted by “Guten Tag” as you learned in German 101 or even the relatively Read more »

Even More Travel Journal Ideas

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Most travel journals have one or two tedious full-day entries, a few more scattered attempts at daily documentation, and then … blank pages.  Why?  Because writing down everything you do every day is deadly dull.  If you’re idea is that “travel journaling is educational so I will sit my kids down every day of this trip and make them write down what we did,” what you might actually be teaching your kids is that writing is extremely boring.  Instead, help your kids add zip to their journals and maybe they’ll enjoy writing. 

Our first book, Family on the Loose: The Art of Traveling with Kids, has a whole chapter on creative travel journals.  It even has awesome reproducible pages.   Read more »

Seattle Scavenger Hunt

Seattle Scavenger HuntPlanning a visit to Seattle?  Or do you live in Seattle and want to enjoy a downtown day with your kids?  Our awesome photo scavenger hunt will keep your kids walking, happy, and engaged!  Actually adults like it too.  It’s just plain fun and helps anyone enjoy the details of our fabulous city. Read more »

Toddlers to Teens: 7 Tips for Family Travel in Europe

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Read tips from our book
, “100 Tips for Traveling with Kids in Europe,” at Something2Offer.com!

Digging up my Own Past: A Visit to the LaBrea tar Pits

Statue at the La Brea Tar Pits

As an American, I have always felt somewhat void of cultural heritage.  What’s my traditional dress?  Blue jeans.  An American traditional meal?  Macaroni and cheese.  My two teenage daughters have traveled all over the world exploring other cultures and learning about other peoples’ histories.  Recently, we decided to dig up a little of our own past …

My Great Grandfather was Charles R. Knight, a wildlife painter most famous for reconstructing dinosaurs through a mixture of art and biology.  Our family knew him as Toppy.  I grew up surrounded by his giant oil paintings and small detailed sketches, never really understanding how lucky I was.  Read more »

E is for Explore the World: The A to Z of Raising Bilingual Children

Exploring ThailandOur kids have been lucky to enjoy a Spanish immersion program through our local public schools so we had lots of support from family and teachers.  The support was desperately needed because neither my husband nor I actually speak Spanish. We wish were bilingual but we’re not.  Bilingualism was a gift we wanted to give our children, but not something that came easily.The first reason to explore the world is motivation. Our first challenge in helping our Read more »