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Contest Winners Announced!

We held a little contest to solicit feedback from readers.  What tips or ideas from our book did you use and how did it work?  We out together a fun family travel goody bag for each winner and shipped it off last week.  I anticipate that our goodie bags will be arriving at the winner’s homes soon so I had better announce the winners!  Our first winner is Camille in Belgium who sent in a super comment about using our packing lists.  She said that the packing lists worked well but reminded readers to remind their kids to pack clean clothes rather than dirty ones.  Ha ha!  The second winner is Nicolle in Norway who followed up with a whole guest post about Making Memories Stick!  Thanks Camille and Nicolle!  I hope your kids enjoy all the wrapped plane presents, the travel journal, and the custom, limited-edition Family on the Loose travel bag 🙂

To see what’s inside those wrapped plane presents, check out our Facebook Page.

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  1. We had so much fun opening the gifts! I cannot wait for our next trip (Copenhagen, Denmark) to try the journals! I hope the custom journals will be more attractive to our kids than the ones I bought. Not much of a success while in China. But they turned out to be a great place to glue maps, postcards, tickets to the Forbidden City, etc.

    Taking into account how many tips I used from your book, I am a bit ashamed at how little I commented…

    Here is another tip I am very thankful to you for: the idea of dedicating a specific spot in the house to travels. In my case, I requisitioned a whole drawer. But now I know where to find old coins and bills, postcards or where to store travel goodies, etc. Yours are already there, waiting for next trip!

  2. Wonderful! We have a box in the closet full of converters, maps, phrase books etc. Let us know how the trip to Denmark goes. I lived in Denmark for a semester and still consider my host family to be my “Danish Family.” I learned a great deal from them and think of them regularly.